The combination of corporate driven underwriting directives, regional development partners and local entitlement teams ensure a final project that meets the demanding Marble Arch criteria, while delivering timely land use approvals that meet all the local and regional development approval guidelines.



The overarching development goal for Marble Arch Development is to secure sites that meet the research-based parameters of Marble Arch Capital, deliver a consistent, branded hotel prototype, using cost-effective regional contracting partners, that meet or exceeds the targeted financial return expectations of our investment partners. 

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Marble Arch Development manages a strong pipeline of opportunities, designed to develop quickly to achieve significant financial returns for our investment partners. The site selection process is driven by parameters gathered through deep market research and directed by strict compliance with disciplined internal underwriting fundamentals.

Regional development partners, located across North America, are constantly working to uncover underserved markets and secure well-located parcels that meet specific Marble Arch development criteria. Once the locations are secured, local professionals are added to the project team bringing an understanding and sensitivity of the local land approval dynamics of a given region.

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